Thursday, February 2, 2012

I am counting the days until March 11th. I can’t really say I have ever been excited about my birthday before. Its one of those weird things that is supposed to make you happy, but for me, I always end up feeling sad. I hate it and I can’t explain it. But this year, on March 10th, I turn 31. Yuck, I know, but they VERY next day I will travel to NYC to attend the Chapel Designers Workshop! This workshop is hosted by my floral design idol, Holly Chapple.

I suppose I should give a little background about Holly. I don’t actually know her. You would think I do, given the amount I know ABOUT her. I think maybe about 2 years ago I came across her blog by way of flower searching on the internet and from there I was hooked. I felt immediately connected to her as she was honest and forthcoming with information to not only her brides but others, like me, trying to build a business in this industry. The path she took to get to where she is now is one that I hope emulate. I became a dedicated daily reader of her blog. Blogs are interesting in that way. They are a window inside. Many times I feel like I am peaking in – almost like something I shouldn’t do. I read daily and learned. Always afraid to comment. Would I be that weird girl with the small business that wants to talk to the celebrity? That’s kind of how it felt and still does a little. But I pushed those fears aside and just signed up. I have no idea what to expect but I know I will learn more than I thought was possible. The opportunity to spend 3 days in NYC with other wedding designers is simply priceless to me. Even if I am too nervous to talk, I plan to soak up every ounce of knowledge.


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